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  • Feasibility Study - To ensure if a site is feasible we would investigate wind speed, grid connection availability, proximity of neighbouring properties, photographic surveys, distance, accessibility, potential for shadow flicker and noise impact and any other factors that may effect the development of a wind turbine site.

  • Planning - The drawing up and submission of all documents required for planning, meeting with planners on your behalf and ongoing maintenance of application to ensure it is accepted and passed by the local authority.

  • Construction - Construction and commissioning of turbine Installation of the turbine and ancillary machinery required on to the site, connection on to the grid.

  • Wind Speed Monitoring - The analysis of wind speed using specialist wind measurement equipment

  • Visual and Landscape Impact Analysis - Through good siting and design, landscape and visual impacts are limited and appropriate to the location

  • Environmental Impact Assessments - Ensuring that environmental impact from the turbine is kept to a minimum and all wildlife and habitats are protected when needed by Bat, Bird Breeding and Habitat Surveys.

  • Computer Generated Photomontages - To digitally display the wind turbine at the proposed sight enabling you to see what it would look like against the surrounding landscape

  • Shadow Flicker Analysis - With careful site selection, design, planning, and good use of specialised computer software, we can help avoid the possibility of shadow flicker on nearby properties

  • Noise Assessment & Contouring - With the use of specialised computer software we are able to generate indicative annual noise contours and also carry out an onsite noise assessment for submission with planning applications

  • After sales service - Si Energy can arrange for maintenance work to be carried out on your turbine by a team of qualified engineers to ensure years of trouble free service


Shadow Flicker Contours
Shadow Flicker Contours

Noise Assessment
Noise Assessment

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