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Si Energy can offer a selection of reconditioned turbines from Europe ranging from 75kw to 1mw that are currently in operation on wind farms. Those turbines are now being replaced in favour of bigger turbines due to generous incentives by their respective governments, to increase the electrical output from wind energy without having any new turbine sites. The turbines have been in operation for a number of years and all have an immaculate service history and fully documented working history which are supplied with each turbine. The make and model of turbine provided by Si Energy have been independently monitored and have came out best with regard to reliability, service cost and low number of faults against a full range of makes and models from a sample of 3000 turbine across Europe giving the reassurance that they will provide good generation capacity and income

As they are being taken out of service many years before the end of their expected working life, they represent a unique and cost effective way to enter into the electricity generation market for landowners, farmers and rural business alike.
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Si Energy offers a full reconditioning package with our service partners to ensure that they will give years of trouble free operation to their new owners. The reconditioning to the turbines includes, inspection and/or replacement of the bearings, a full inspection of all moving parts including the drive gearbox, blade inspection and treatment, generator resistance to ensure the turbine is producing to its maximum output. The reconditioning service comes with full records of all procedures that have been carried out and warranty on work done. We have developed a few add-ons to the turbine for ease of management, better control and monitoring, in order to give peace of mind and maximum operation availability of these machines. During installation of the turbine on your site, we offer fully qualified wind turbine engineers that come with many years of experience to tweak the operation of the turbine to match the local environment conditions.

Please contact our office for further details on the technical specifications for the selection of turbines on offer
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