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Daily Mail - Britain is facing an energy crisis
NATIONAL Grid or Scottish & Southern Energy could play a pivotal role in Britain's future energy market, in a radical shake-up outlined by energy watchdog Of gem.
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The Renewables Obligation buy-out price and mutualisation ceiling 2010-11 - information note
Ofgem announces the buy-out price and mutualisation ceilings for the Renewable Obligation for the 2010-11 compliance period. These are updated annually to reflect changes in the Retail Prices Index
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Fears over future power shortages
Mainland Britain could face power shortages in the years ahead, according to the energy regulator, Ofgem.
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Daily Mail - Energy bills will rise to fund 75bn 'dash for wind power' as Britain tries to hit climate targets
Energy bills will rise to pay for a 75billion plan to build 6,400 giant wind turbines around the coast.

The scheme would see the equivalent of two windmills - each one rising 500ft above the sea - going up every day between now and 2020, making it one of the biggest engineering projects in recent history.
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